Celeste keeping me company on a morning walk

We love dogs! And since our sweet Tucker passed well over 20 years ago now, we’ve been getting our dose of dog moments by enjoying the company of other people’s pets. At home as we walk through the neighborhood, we have lots of 4-legged furry buddies who are always excited to see us. I’m a bit embarrassed to confess that we sometimes know their names but not that of their owners! There’s Lola, Lucy, Luna, Pepper, Rudy, Beau, Bentley, Blue, Summer, Maisy, and sometimes Elvis, Hendrix, or Marley.

In Mexico, the owner of Posada la Barca has a sweet dog, Celeste, who we’ve known since she was a puppy (we’ve been visiting every year for 14 years now, even before Celeste was around, back when it was Willy who ‘guarded’ the place). Part of the fun of our trips there is that there are moments when we ‘have a dog’. Celeste will come by to nap with us, sometimes even in the middle of the night to sleep with us. She’s frequently available to join us for a walk into town or a stroll along the beach. This photo is of her walking next to me on a quiet morning adventure to the far end and back.

The bonus photo below is of Celeste waiting for me to get going. I’ve also included some extra bonus photos of other dog friends in San Agustinillo.

You might enjoy my previous posts this month of other small things that brought me joy while in San Agustinillo in January: whale sighting, butterfly bonus, and seashell.

Celeste waiting on the beach in front of Posada la Barca

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